Wearing RiRi loves MAC in bad girl lip stick and good girl gone bad or opposite blush today..  And today I miss my job or the job before the current one. The ER trauma unit :D action babieees! Aint no life without seeing some people die. Just KIDDING. Anyway terrible booooored and soar throath. AND WHY THE FUCK am I so incompetent that I cant find a SINGLE person actually wearing the Panzer new rock shoes???? Ok Im OLD OLD OLD but am I so fucking behind. Found my 9 year old UV steel chocker. either I got it at NO WEAR store or at Cyberdog. No one knows what I have done in LONDON GOOD TAKE ME THERE ASAP. I dont know how these riri stuff got to meeeee. Accidently won the lippie at an auction and I got 2 blushes by mistake of a store schhhhhhhhhh. I was so in to MH and hospitalized for my pore mental health I totally missed a LOT of MAC shit.

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